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Restoration Specialists
Furniture  •  Art Objects
Residential and Commercial
Need Help?
Tired Of The Way Your Current Furniture Or Cabinets Look?
Furniture Medic can help in so many ways. Change the color, strip away the old finish and restore the piece with a new finish. We can replace your Cane, Rush and Danish Cord seats, repair your casters, broken chair legs and backs and much, much more. We can repair that recliner that doesn't work properly any longer. Pottery, ceramic and other art object restoration services are available through Dream Polishers. And, why spend major money replacing your wooden cabinetry when we can refinish them!

Give us a call. Let's chat about what you have and what you want to have done.

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  Dream Polishers 2701 Ivy Lane Englewood, Florida  34224
941-473-4180 • 866-385-9663 • 239-433-4331 • Fax  941-475-5308

Office Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm
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