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Furniture Medic To The Rescue
January 2005
Written and Photographed by Carol Marie Davis
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  The Dream Polishers at Furniture Medic are busier than ever these days putting dreams back together—especially for customers whose furniture was damaged by hurricanes this past season. Broken chair legs are on the mend, watermarks on fine tables are disappearing, and ruined cabinets are looking new as Furniture Medic professionals work hard to restore ailing furniture for customers from Punta Gorda to Bradenton. “After Hurricane Charley, we provided as many as 35 to 40 insurance estimates a week,” says LaDonna Haywood, co-owner of the Englewood franchise.

For LaDonna and business partners Jack and Troy Parker, being able to help so many customers who were traumatized by the magnitude of their hurricane losses and the shattering of their dreams has been an honor. Furniture that had been handed down for generations was damaged by water and flying debris. The Furniture Medics came to the rescue by removing the furniture from harms way and placing it in their climate-controlled storage facility to dry out. “Most people don’t realize that when furniture gets soaked you have to wait four to five weeks before it is completely dried out so it can be worked on,” says Troy. Once dry, the extent of the damage can be determined and the best restorative approach determined. “Water wreaks havoc on furniture, but with our expertise and advanced techniques and materials, we can restore most furniture to like-new condition,” says LaDonna.

Furniture Medic excels in providing a convenient alternative to costly replacement and renovation of office furniture. “Your office furniture and fixtures say a lot about how you run your business,” says LaDonna. “Water rings, scuffs, faded finishes and worn, creaky joints may not have anything to do with how your company performs, but may have everything to do with how it is perceived. When your desks, chairs, tables and woodwork begin to show signs of daily wear, allow our highly trained technicians to restore your furnishings to their original beauty.” Furniture Medic works onsite, on your schedule to produce dramatic results with minimal disruption of your day-to-day business operations.

With over 600 independently owned and operated Furniture Medic companies worldwide, the Dream Polisher team in Englewood has a network of professionals to call upon for additional expertise. So, whether you have one treasured heirloom or a house full of furniture in need of repair, trust the quality craftsmanship, unmatched industry experience and guaranteed service of Furniture Medic experts to bring your possessions back to perfection. Insurance estimates as well as pick up and delivery are provided.

Furniture Medic is in Englewood, Florida. Open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends by appointment. Call 941-473-4180 or visit online for more information and special offers.

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Troy, Jack, LaDonna
Troy, Jack and LaDonna
gather around a restored oak accent table formerly storm damaged.

Repaired Serving Tray
Silver-lined serving tray with wooden medallion motif restored. Silver had turned green from salt water.

Jack hard at Work
Jack inspects work in progress to the doors of a china hutch severely damaged in the storm. Restoration includes stripping and applying a new faux finish.
Damaged Veneer
Old damaged veneer is meticulously
chiseled away before refinishing.
Old Cedar Chest
Top of old cedar chest
in process of repair.

Before and After
Larry shows before and after
of a structural repair to a wood table.


Furnitrue Medic
Precision repair: A detailed service that includes the removal of unsightly scratches, dents, gouges, nicks, watermarks and other damage to wood surfaces.

Re-gluing with minor adjustments: A structural repair service that stabilizes your furniture. This includes, for example, re-gluing table legs or readjustment of cabinet doors and drawers.

Finishing and polishing: Restores your furniture to its original luster using a professional process that eliminates surface finish scratches.

Recliner mechanism repair: Furniture Medic removes the damaged mechanism and installs a replacement part supplied by the manufacturer.

Restoration/refinishing: For furniture with signs of telltale wear and discoloration, Furniture Medic provides a factory-fresh finish.

Structural repair and joint stabilization: Repairs and/or replaces damaged or broken pieces of furniture.


Below: Antique smoking table c.1880 with wood finish restored. When final restoration is completed, marble top will be polished and antique hardware knob installed.
Antique Smoking Table

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