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Tips For Thought
January 2011
Written by LaDonna P. Haywood
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Many people want to be able to protect the new finishes on the tops of their furniture from their own accidents, as well as tenants who might rent the property. This problem is universal for everyone, everywhere. A new piece of furniture is purchased or the furniture has been refinished. Tops of end tables, coffee tables, night stands, dressers, chests of drawers, buffets, and dining tables, the most common pieces, are very susceptible to damage on the tops since this is where it is used most. In most cases for refinishing, the top is the only part that needs to be refinished.

The solution to protect the tops of furniture is to cover it with a piece of glass. It is not inexpensive to refinish a top. Covering it with glass will add protection and you can still see the beautiful top. Buy a new piece; cover the top with glass. Get a piece refinished; cover the top with glass. The glass will be an added expense, but it will save more money overtime by not having to refinish or replace from use.

Another frequent repair that is seen is casters (wheels) breaking the legs where the casters are inserted. There are casters that are better designed for tile, hardwood floors, or carpet. If the caster in the chair is used on a surface for which it was not designed, stress is put on the legs of the chair. Sometimes the caster has to be replaced because it will break or be worn improperly from use on a surface for which it was not intended. The legs can be repaired and the caster re-used if it has not been damaged. However, if it is still going to be used on a surface for which it is not intended, then, overtime, it will break again or the caster will eventually become unusable.

The casters are also replaceable if needed or desired. Good, quality casters are available for replacements whether they are broken or being replaced for use on a specific surface. Casters are also designed and manufactured to carry certain weight loads. The smaller the wheel, the less amount of weight it is designed to bear. The majority of casters seen are usually two-inch (50mm) wheels. Wheels 40 mm carry less weight and the 60 mm will carry the most weight. Cosmetically, the 50 mm wheel is more appealing, but again, this depends on the style of chair on which it is used.

Whenever purchasing furniture on casters, be sure to indicate what type of surface on which the chairs will be used. Twin wheel casters made of nylon are better for use on tile and hardwood floors. The spherical wheel caster made of soft rubber or polyolefin is suitable for use on carpet.

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