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Furniture Medic - The Dream Polishers
June 2004
Written by Linda S. Banister and Photographed by Tom Keever
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  A tattered rocking chair caught my eye. Lion’s heads, paws and the scent of olden days stirred my senses. I was taken back to my childhood; the chair evoking feelings of comfort and warmth as I pictured myself curled up in my Grandma’s lion head furniture.

“That’s the piece that got all of this started,” a voice draws me back to the present. “It needed fixing after a shipping incident, but we couldn’t find anyone to do it. That’s pretty much how we came to be in business,” says LaDonna Haywood, co-owner of Furniture Medic by Dream Polishers. “We all joined in together,” referring to partners Jack and Troy Parker.

The three longtime friends from North Carolina, Philadelphia and Florida—all coming from insurance backgrounds—ended up in Englewood bringing deserving furniture back to life. Restoring tables and chairs, dressers and desks, pianos and cedar chests, the list of “patients” is almost endless. However, their services are not limited to cosmetic restoration. Furniture Medic can fix the mechanisms in your recliner so you can rest in ease, or replace broken or missing hardware. They work on both interior and exterior projects, front doors to kitchen cabinets. Need a change of color to brighten up your cupboards? Have them strip and redo the existing cabinetry instead of replacing it, which they insist is more cost effective.

For bigger jobs or for customer convenience, the medics make house calls. Onsite repairs at the home or business are often possible. And Furniture Medic’s “commercial image-enhancement” can put the look of quality back into the office, waiting room or display floor. Medics will come during non-business hours to clean up existing furniture, making it look like new. Items damaged or distressed from disasters such as fire, smoke or water are taken back to the shop for repair.

The benefits of refinishing, polishing and repair are many. Not only do these services eliminate surface scratches, they also reduce signs of wear and tear and returns wood furniture to its former youthful condition. Repairing damaged furniture allows you to use the piece instead of sending it to the garage for the next relative to worry about and prevents it from being sent curbside on recycle day. Re-gluing, caning and minor upholstery fixes can all save the life of a favored piece. All work is done by hand with non-toxic, environmentally safe products and procedures. Best of all, Furniture Medic’s Dream Polishers are honest and friendly.

Troy explains, “We’ve heard touching stories and have met wonderful people since opening the shop in December 2003. People’s faces light up when they talk about this piece or that.” Jack chimes in to share how customers are elated with the finished products. Antiques are returned to their functionality and value. Vintage and retro items can be displayed and used instead of tossed in the refuse.

Furniture Medic is a national franchise with a network of expert support that comes along with the business. That’s a valuable resource that will be called upon if needed. It could be that Grandma’s rocker really is rare and priceless; in that case, a conservator will be recommended.

So, whether it’s the chair you grew up sitting in or a dresser that traveled cross-country in a covered wagon, call the Furniture Medic for the right prescription. “Dreams too, must be played with and polished,” is the team motto. And every piece tells a story—was part of a dream. Bring that dream back to life.

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LaDonna, Jack & Troy
Partners LaDonna Haywood, Jack Parker and Troy Parker show off a painted chair that had been discarded; the owner did not realize it was solid mahogany.

Jack Parker
Jack puts the finishing touches on a patio table that needed structural repair.

Troy Parker
Troy Meticulously polishes a mahogany desk that is being restored.
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