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Recycling, Reusing, Refurbishing Furniture
Going Green
May 2009
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Recycling, reusing, refurbishing and repurposing are the latest trend, according to Troy Parker, co-owner of Furniture Medic by Dream Polishers. “With everyone going green,” says Troy. “People are using their great furniture pieces differently. For example, I am turning a beloved dresser into a bathroom vanity for one of my clients.”

Recycling office furniture is gaining popularity with businesses, too, according to Troy. “I am refinishing some beautiful wooden desks for a bank that is designing a totally green building. They will get a tax credit for recycling the wooden desks.”

Eco-Friendly Finishes

Being eco-friendly encompasses many things. With furniture, Troy says, “Beyond recycling, it’s important to reduce the use of chemicals and pollutants. If you care about the environment, request water-based finishes. Especially if you have any allergies, because a solvent-based finish continues to emit fumes even after it dries.” Another way Furniture Medic reduces its imprint on the environment is by using a spray booth designed to filter all spray particles and toxins out of the air. “Rest assured,” she adds, “we always dispose of all our chemicals in the proper way.”

Insurance Inspections

Furniture Medic specializes in water damage, fire damage, minor fabrication and refinishing, according to Troy, who says that prior to owning Furniture Medic by Dream Polishers, she and her husband Jack Parker, and partner LaDonna Haywood, were in the insurance business. “Now,” she says, “we do damage inspections and repairs for both homeowners and insurance companies.”


Furniture Medic by Dream Polishers does small, simple repairs as well as larger more complex fabrication projects. “We tighten up, replace and re-glue everything from chair backs, legs and casters to structural repairs on larger pieces including desks, vanities and couches.” Troy also does intricate repairs on fine porcelain pieces such as antique vases and dolls as well as pressed and hand-woven cane repair.

“We also work with many ‘do-it-yourselfers,’ who like to refinish their own furniture,” says Troy. “For example, we might repair a piece and strip off the old finish, and then leave the final finishing to the customer. We also specialize in hard-to-find hardware, casters and hinges. LaDonna is an expert researcher, so she can find specialty items and order them for our customers.”

Whether you are looking for simple repairs, restoration of treasures, or answers to your furniture-related questions, the folks at Furniture Medic by Dream Polishers are available to help you enjoy your wood furnishings for years to come.

Troy advises, “In our throw-away society, if you have high quality wood furniture, keep it. We can help you refinish it and give it new life. Together, we can save some trees and be kinder to our planet!”

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