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Services Offered
Inspections / Estimates / Education

Insurance/Moving Damage Claims
We will provide a professional inspection/estimate report with photos of the damages.  We will be glad to work directly with the Insurance Company, the adjuster, or the moving company.

Finishing / Refinishing

Furniture -
If you have any well-built, nice, solid wood furniture or quality veneered furniture, don't discard it.  It can be stripped and refinished to look like new again.  Most new furniture pieces purchased today comes from overseas, not solid wood and typically thin veneer over medium density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard.  You can also change colors to match a redecorating scheme, change the hardware or clean up the existing hardware. We encourage customers to look for replacements to see if they can find something that is new and satisfying and has the the quality for the cost when considering refinishing.

Cabinetry - Want to change the look of your kitchen/bathroom? Have you priced having your doors replaced or having your cabinet casings changed out? If so, it probably took you a while to get over the sticker shock! Refinishing what you already have is a great, economical way to go if you have wooden cabinets. Kitchen/bathroom cabinet casings can be refinished on-site while the removable parts such as doors, drawer fronts and deco panels are brought into the shop for refinishing. It’s fast and far more economical than any other way you can go… and you end up with your cabinets looking brand new!

Color Changes  – Tired of the color of your furniture, cabinets or built-ins?  We can change the color in most cases.  Going from dark to lighter requires a lot more time and work so this will be more expensive than going from light to darker.

Antique Restoration - Let us restore that beautiful antique piece to where it is functional, useful and for your enjoyment. 
Unfinished Furniture - Find the pieces you like that are unfinished or have them built the way you want then let us finish them to your specifications. There is an unfinished furniture store in Sarasota called "The Unfinished Furniture Store, Inc., DBA Solid Woods" that has some great pieces you might like to check out.  

New Construction - We do finishing work for new construction contractors, cabinet makers, remodeling contractors on new millwork, cabinetry and built-ins. Tell us the color and finish you want and we will do it.

Fire Damage - Kitchen fires are common and can damage just a portion of the cabinets.  Most often, it is not necessary to replace all the cabinets in the kitchen. The damaged cabinets can be repaired to match the existing or reface the entire kitchen so they all match if the existing can't be matched. This is much less expensive than replacing all the cabinets due to partial damage. Fire and smoke damaged furniture can also be saved, especially pieces that are irreplaceable. Furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned from smoke damage before it can be picked up so the smell does not contaminate other furniture in the shop. Smoke often leaves behind a smell in your furniture that cannot be cleaned away. In these cases we can seal undamaged furniture with shellac to prevent the smell from bleeding back through.

Upholstery - Recover existing pieces, both commercial and residential. Make new pillows. Add stuffing to pieces.

Reupholster - Household furniture or commercial

Structural Repairs

Of All Types
– Broken rungs/dowels, legs, backs, bed rails going into headboard/footboard, backs separating from seat frame, broken frames, caster repairs or any other type of structure issue is likely repairable.  Sometimes the design of a piece may not support the use and we can make recommendations to make it more structurally sound. Lots of these types of repair are brought in to our shop by our customers. If this happens we can give a discount for the repair because we do not have to pick up or deliver.

Parts Fabrication
– If we can't find replacement parts needed for a repair, we may be able to fabricate it. We are also able to re-create many types of decorative molding or patterns that may be missing off a piece of furniture.

Recliners Repairs – We no longer do recliner repairs. If you need to replace your recliner handles and/or pulls, please go to

On-Site Estimates / Repairs / Touch-Ups

This service is offered to commercial businesses as well as to homeowners. Think how much nicer it is to have someone come to you, at a set time that fits your busy schedule. If possible, we will make your repairs right then or give you an estimate for us to return and do the job. If your piece requires our in-shop services and it isn't too large for us to get in our van, we will pick it up and deliver it back to you once the job is done. Larger sized pieces, such as entertainment centers, require the services of a moving company to pick-up and deliver. But don't worry, we know a moving company with very reasonable rates that can take care of that for you. We have provided these services for residences, country clubs, courtrooms, hotels, banks and professional offices just for some examples.

Pet Damage - Don't throw out that piece that your pets have damaged.  We can return the piece to pre-pet damage appearance.  Some of our customers call us back over and over because their pets just move on to a different piece once the favorite has been repaired. These can often be repaired on-site, but if they need to come back to the shop we can handle that for you.

Water Damage - No matter what the cause it is possible to repair the damage if the furniture is of good quality. We are usually able to repair just the water damaged sections of the furniture so the water damage is no longer visible. If it would be less expensive to replace the piece than to make the needed repairs, we will tell you.

Natural and Manufactured Fiber Repairs

Hand Caning
- (you will have holes around the perimeter of the cane area) is offered and cost to re-do is on a per hole basis.  There is also a "french" style hand caning where you can see the holes in the front but not through to the back.  The french style takes more time to do so there is an hourly rate added to the per hole basis for the additional time required to complete.  There are different styles/patterns of hand caning so this too can affect the cost.  It is sometimes possible to "repair" the broken area of the hand caned piece.  This is usually quoted on a per hour cost basis. 

Pre-Woven or Sheet Caning
- (you will have a spline around the perimeter of the cane area) is less expensive to do.  Cost is based on the longest side on a per inch basis.  There are different sizes and patterns available.  Once in a while, it is possible to convert a hand caned piece to a pre-woven piece.  It depends on how the piece is made and if we can convert it and it still be structurally sound.  On some of the pre-woven cane, it may be possible to make an area repair depending on the style and pattern. The cost is on a per hour basis.  Cost of materials additional.
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Pressed Cane

Binder Wrapping –
Rattan and bamboo furniture will have leather or cane binder wrapping around joints that may become frayed, loose, broken, or chewed up by your favorite pet.  We re-wrap with like material and color to match.
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Danish Cord
– Cost is based on the longest side on a per inch basis.  Laced and unlaced cord available.  Cost of materials additional.

Rush – Available in many different types of rush.  Natural rush and cat tail rush are much more expensive to do IF any of our vendors will do it.  Many will not do the natural or cat tail due to the difficulty and time involved.  The most popular is paper fiber rush and the cost is based on the size of rush to be used and the longest side on a per inch basis.  The standard pattern most often seen is four >< shapes that meet side to side like in example and top to bottom, all meeting in the middle.  If the shape is different, there could be additional costs associated.  Cost of materials additional.
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Wicker – Repairs can be made on a cost per hour basis.  The cost will be determined on how much time is estimated to make repairs.  We also can refinish wicker.  There is original wicker but there are also synthetic wicker pieces on the market.

Art Objects

We cannot do every type of art object, but there are many that we can. Before you decide to throw some treasured piece away, or even one that may just match a set you have and you would like to keep it, contact us first. If possible, send us a digital photo of the damaged item via e-mail and we can usually let you know by photo if we can repair it.
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We Are Licensed And Insured to Perform All Services We Offer

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